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Coming Soon To A Village Near You.....
What: "Good Grief:  Bill of Rights for Grieving"  
Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 12:30 PM
Where: VMC

Ken Licht will lead a discussion of the to give us direction when we mourn the death of someone we love and go through a difficult period of change and loss.  Grieving and depression are related but quite different. While grieving is a normal and healthy response of sadness to loss and change, depression is usually a symptom indicating something is misaligned in our life and needs to be corrected.  Our culture often wants to tuck feelings of sadness away and regards them as unhealthy or unnecessary, but when it comes to loss, it's important to recognize and honor the sadness known as grief so you can heal and move on. Whereas many cultures have a specific time set aside to "grieve", we are often expected to "be strong", "move on" and not display any feeling of grief because our culture is not always comfortable expressing sadness and mourning. 

Who:  Register On-Line, or contact Jean Kerr

   Join Us!

Saturday, Apr. 14 12:00 pm Rose Society’s Annual Show –

See flyer:   Rose Society flyer 

Contact: Marilyn Bente

    Huntington Library and
       Botanical Gardens

Come and enjoy a trip to San Marino to visit the wonderful collection of the Huntington Library and its beautiful botanical gardens. The Social Committee has arranged an all-day excursion in a private van to take us to this special spot.

Date: Monday, April 30, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Check the event flyer for all the details:  Huntington Gardens Flyer

See what you are in for at the Huntington web site: 

Huntington Gardens Home Page

 Free Coffee!

 Your Board is inviting you to come and join us for a cup of coffee and conversation - no specific agenda - just relax and enjoy!  

Monday, March 19 at the  VMC (10:30 – 11:30 am).


Villagers and their guests are invited to a fun night of 

Thursday, Apr. 19 6:30 pm at the Villa Portifino Clubhouse

RSVP is needed.

See Flyer Bingo Flyer

Contact :JoAnne Kuelbs


Come and play Bunko for an afternoon of  fun and camaraderie while you support the TVSD 10th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser on Friday, April 20

Noon – 2:00 pm at the VMC

Cost:  $15 - All proceeds go toward our fundraising efforts!  
Pay at the door!

Prizes and Snacks will be provided!

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23 Mar    Jane Eyre

San Diego Union Tribune 
Eldercare Directory  

Published by the San Diego Union Tribune, the Eldercare Directory is a comprehensive publication that provides facts, advice, tips and resources to help you find answers to the questions that arise as we age.   

This directory is currently available at the VMC, or can be obtained by following this link: 

Eldercare Directory

The Village Smiles Dept.
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Always wanted to be a procrastinator, but never got around to it.

My friend has kleptomania, but when it gets bad, he takes something for it.
Never be afraid to try something new, Remember amateurs built the ark - Professionals built the Titanic.
Love is grand - divorce is a hundred grand.
Politicians (many of them) and diapers have one thing in common, they should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.
One of life's mysteries - How can a two pound box of candy make a person gain five pounds.
Time may be a great healer, but it's also a lousy beautician.
Age doesn't always bring wisdom, sometimes age comes alone.
Life not only begins at forty, it begins to show.

A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbor and says, "Please come over here and help me.  I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get started."   
Her neighbor asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?" 
The little silver haired lady says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a rooster." 
Her neighbor decides to go over and help with the puzzle.  She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over the table.   He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to her and says, 
"First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into  anything resembling a rooster." 

He takes her hand and says, "Secondly, I want you to relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then,
he said with a deep sigh ............ 

"Let's put all the Corn Flakes back in the box." 

A prosecuting attorney just could not believe that a jury had found the defendant not guilty.
Astonished, he asked the jury foreman, "How could you possibly have found this man innocent?"
The foreman replied, "Insanity."
The perplexed prosecutor asked, "All twelve of you?" 


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