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July Tierrasanta  Talks!

Antarctic Adventure

Featuring former penguin researcher & award-winning writer Midge Raymond

Join Midge Raymond as she discusses her new book, My Last Continent, followed by Q&A, book signing, and a film screening of the Academy Award winning National Geographic film, March of the Penguins.

When:       11 July 2016, 6:15pm

Where:      SDA Church, 11260 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Cost:         $10
Reservations:   or    619 300 2532
See  Event Flyer  HERE
Celebrate our nations' Independence with your fellow Villagers this year!  Don't miss Mr. Sheehan's famous "Burger de Brisas"
WHAT: 4th of July BBQ Lunch (free)
WHEN: Monday - July 4 - Noon to 2:30 pm 
 WHERE: Home of Mike & Bev Sheehan  
                          11521 Corte Playa Las Brisas
RSVP: by June 29
Mike Rigdon - 858-300-6821  
Limited to first 35 callers
Event Flyer Can Be Found HERE

Adult Coloring

Calms the Mind...

Soothes the Spirit
Check the Event Calendar for Coloring Times 
Grab your pencils and crayons and join us!
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The Village Smiles Dept.

Like to contribute to Village Smiles?  Send an email to  We'll see if we can work it into the site!
Sometimes a majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.
A NEW TERM IS BORN -   Someone finally found a name for our election process
for this year!!
ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION:   the inability to become aroused over any of the
choices for President put forth by either party in the 2016 election year.


The Great Philosophers of This Century 

~ Howard Hughes... 
I'm not a paranoid, deranged millionaire. God dammit, I'm a billionaire. 

~ Jean Kerr... 
The only reason they say 'Women and children first' is to test the strength of the lifeboats. 

~ Zsa Zsa Gabor... 
I've been married to a communist and a fascist, and neither would take out the garbage. 

Jeff Foxworthy... 
You know you're a redneck if your home has wheels and your car doesn't.

~ Prince Philip... 
When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife. 

~ Emo Philips... 
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing. 

~ Harrison Ford... 
Wood burns faster when you have to cut and chop it yourself. 

~ Spike Milligan... 
The best cure for Sea Sickness is to sit under a tree. 

~ Robin Hall... 
Lawyers believe a person is innocent until proven broke. 

~ Jean Rostand... 
Kill one man and you're a murderer. Kill a million and you're a conqueror. 
Can’t quite remember one of our shamelessly
plagiarized jokes?  It’s probably in the archive
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